The Company meets on the one night a week. It used to be three but the demise of our Concert Flute Band and a lack of staff, have brought us back to one night.


Friday evenings between 6.45 & 8.15 see’s the                            who are boys aged Primary 4, 5, & 6. They meet at Langloan Primary School.


A mixture of games, achievements and team work with a large splattering of Fun is what the Junior Section is about.


Friday Evenings between 6.30 & 7.30 is the turn of the                          who are in Primary 1, 2, & 3.


Fun! Fun! And more Fun! Is what the Anchor Boys is all about. An early introduction to team work, as well as an emphasis on visits to Police & Fire Stations, visits from external guests all go towards the youngest of our boys having an enjoyable time with us.


 Friday Evenings between 7.30 & 10pm has the Company and Senior Sections utilising the halls, Aged P7 to S6.


The Company section is for young men and Boys aged 11-15, with the Seniors aged from 16-18.


Traditionally though all boys join in all events as numbers normally dictate that a split is impractible. Whilst in their first year boys will work towards their Discovery badge, and then each work through the BB Achievement Scheme called Discovery. This is though a small part of the night and indeed year. The Airdrie Coatbridge & District Battalion to which we belong have a set of competitions throughout the year which always requires preparation and practice as well as participation. From Football to Cross Country from Vaulting to Swimming and much more.


The Senior Boys then go onto work more as individuals to attain their President’s Badge which in turn leads them onto the Queen’s Badge. As you can see elsewhere in the site we have been delighted to award over 40 QB badges in our time and hope to award many more.


We have recently received over £5000 from the Awards For All fund and this has purchased new sporting and gymnastic equipment,  Each year we put our Boys out into the Scottish Hills as part of their Queen’s badge but also as part of The Duke Of Edinburgh Award. We have been successful in gaining a few Silver awards for the Company. We have trained staff who are outdoor expedition leaders and this is an area we are looking to improve on.


If you require any further information on anything at all please see our Contacts page and get in touch.

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