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In the Anchor Boys we only worry about having fun. We do have a uniform to wear but that just saves us getting our own clothes dirty as we roll about the floor during games or when getting all arty when making Christmas or Motherís day cards.


We join in with the older Boys 2-3 times a year at our local Church parades and every now and then we meet other Anchor Boys from all over the area when we enter Competitions, or attend the Battalion Parades.


†††††††† †††††††† †† ††††† Our Battalion run a craft Competition for us and we always enter.† †† †††††††† †††††††† †††††††† We also go along to the Battalion Anchor Boy fun day, bouncy †† †††††††† †††††††† †††††††† †††††††† castles, games and face painting are some of what we do.


†††††††† †††††††† † †††††† We are always looking for new Boys, so if you are at primary school †††††††† †††††††† †††††††† then please come along and join us.


For further information please contact Les Cullen, Our Officer In Charge, Thanks.