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Back in 2005 at the height of the Wristband craze, the company decided to purchase a wristband which meant something to The Boys’ Brigade.


Because of manufacturing requirements you could only get these things made in the 1000’s. So we decided to take a gamble and ordered 1000 Kids size and 1000 adult at a cost to us of £1,400.


When they arrived there was a slight shade difference so the company who made them sent us an entire new batch for free, so we ended up with 4,000 in total.


To date we have sold over 3,000 throughout the UK and have donated over £3,500 to Charities.


We still have a few wristbands left in both the blue colour shown above and a slightly lighter more Cyan colour.


Please contact us if you require to order any or indeed wish further information.


KIDS SIZE:-                   £1


ADULTS SIZE:-           £1.50


Postage will depend upon the size of the order, but will be no more than £2.50.

Our Captain donating £1000 to

Tom Boyle, Director For Scotland.

To assist with Carronvale appeal.


All came from the proceeds of the wristband sales.