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15th Coatbridge Boys’ Brigade Company has been around since 1974, when the companies of the 2nd &14th Coatbridge merged to form the 15th. This was because the two parent churches were merging and it was decided this was the easiest way to bring 2 BB companies together.


Like most BB and other youth Organisations we rely totally on our volunteer adult leaders and without them there simply wouldn’t be any good youth work getting done with Boys in the Coatbridge area.


As Companies go in this area we are about medium sized in respect of Boy numbers turning up but we consistently achieve better than average results in the Battalion run competitions as well as frequently taking young men all the way through to obtaining their Queen’s Badge, The highest award the BB can offer.


We have been awarded Charitable Status by the Office of Scottish Charities Register and this means we can claim Gift Aid back on all donations made to the company which will help us greatly financially.


You may notice everywhere on this website when you see a reference to the word Boy it will always be with a capital B. This is because The Boys’ Brigade founder Sir William Alexander Smith did this in his writing as he believed it showed that the only important thing in our whole movement is the Boy and their well being and development.


Boys’ Brigade at it’s core has twin pillars of Religion and Discipline, but to simply say that we are a Christian organisation is too shallow a description. This company has had Sikh and Muslim boys in it’s time and has kids from both sides of Scotland’s divide. As for discipline, well we aim to show that by encouragement and leadership Boys will form their own moral codes and progress to decent young people.


Enough of the heavy stuff, this site will hopefully give you an insight into what the company do each year and if you are interested please feel free to drop in anytime we are on and see for yourself. Internet is good but you can’t beat the real thing.

GP Auto’s

Situated in Dundyvan Road, Coatbridge. GP Auto’s has for many years been a fantastic supporter and sponsor of the Company

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